Graphic Novel Reviews: Justice League of America 003

The Plot

The JLA fight against the robot duplicates of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Vibe is able to disable the machines with his vibrations. Later it is decided that Catwoman will infiltrate the secret society by making a lot of noise about knowing about their existence, with the hope that they will come to her. Their hopes are answered as Catwoman is accosted by two members of the society and kidnapped.

The Review

Soooo…the WTF moment for this issue is that Catwoman zipped up her suit? Actually, that is really shocking. Though I’m confused, is that the zipper dangling all the way down by her belly button? How is that suit staying together? Unless it zips from the top down, but considering it’s a full body suit that seems like it would be impossible to get in and out of. It clearly is the zipper, because in the actual book we see it at the bottom of her cleavage, and when she later zips all the way up it’s at the top of the costume. So definitely an art error.

Actually, I’m amused by how she starts the book off showing massive amounts of cleavage, then when they get back to base she’s a bit more modestly zipped up, and by the time she’s breaking into the museum she’s completely covered. Which makes sense, I’m sure that thing is hot, so when she isn’t working she probably keeps it open to keep cool. But then why go into their first mission dressed like she was making an impromptu visit to the Bat Cave?

After my frustration at last month’s issue of Catwoman it’s nice to see the gaps in the story filled in. Now we finally know what Catwoman was supposed to be doing in Arkham. And I can’t remember, nor do I feel like digging up last month’s issue of Catwoman, but did she actually do any of the things she was supposed to? I know she certainly made trouble, but I can’t quite recall if she ever mentioned the Secret Society while in Arkham last month. Though the joke of her taking longer than a day to break out was amusing and well done. Certainly better than all the filler material last month’s Catwoman was.

Still, this is a book that needed to be out last month, before Catwoman. Sure we see what happens immediately after she breaks free, but I’d rather have read this first and then read what happened in between later. I can’t say I know what happened, but this was a case of some really messed up scheduling. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again.

I was partially amused and partially annoyed by how often Catwoman referenced Batman. It’s as if they don’t trust us to remember that she has a thing for Batman. I’m amused because I enjoy any time the two characters have any kind of connection, something that is increasingly rare these days. And annoyed because I can see how this could be seen as poor characterization. Still, she’s much better written here than she is in her own book. Which is a crying shame.

As for the rest of the book, I liked it a lot better than last issue. Now that the team is introduced we can get into the meat of the story. And my fears for ham fisted inter team drama have been waylaid for now. The other characters probably could use some more focus, since up to this point the book seems to be Catwoman and the Justice League of America more than an actual team book. I don’t particularly mind that, as a I came here for her. But the other characters need their focus as well.

The extra with Martian Man Hunter and Catwoman reading each others’ minds was great. This was a better backstory for Selina than the entire Zero Issue. It got down to the essence of the character, and didn’t even mention that little bit of backstory they appropriated from the horrible movie. If we could just forget that ever happened I would be so appreciative. I’ve heard a vocal minority complaining about Gail Simone’s treatment of Batgirl, I’m hoping there’s an equally vocal minority complaining about Ann Nocenti’s treatment of Catwoman. Consider me an owner of part of that voice if you will.

Great issue overall, did one of my favorite characters a lot more justice than she’s received in a long time, and the rest of the cast while underrepresented were well handled. Though Green Arrow came across as really desperate to get on a team. I’ve complained about the random Tim Drake hate, but what’s up with the overt Oliver Queen hate?

The Grade

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