Manga Bookshelf’s Weekly Shonen Jump Recap: April 15, 2013

As I work on getting this week’s episode of Manga^3 posted (it’s a bit longer so it’s taking longer to export), I think I should best use my time to post this most recent update to my Weekly Shonen Jump Recap column over at MangaBookshelf. Go ahead and read at least the Naruto section of the column, to get a taste of the rage you are about to experience in the podcast itself. It’s the first time I just flat out lose it. All my other reactions are generally light hearted in nature, or tempered by my natural tendency to keep control of my words. This time, nope, I just flat out snap and spend several minutes ranting about how much I hate Sasuke as a character. Go ahead, read the column, and then come back for the podcast episode.

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