Graphic Novel Reviews: Talon 006

The Story

Calvin escapes from the O’Malley Talons, but is recaptured. While Casey digs deeper into Sebastian’s secrets, Calvin confronts the Grand Master of the Court of Owls. Both discover that Sebastian was the former Grand Master of the Court, and the one that recruited Calvin.

The Review
I actually called the twist last month, though since I don’t think I documented that anywhere I can’t claim credit. Then again, I don’t really feel like claiming credit. After all, there’s always a traitor, so the simple act of calling it isn’t that impressive. If someone other than Sebastian had been the traitor, then I would have been surprised.

My powers of plot aside, what does this mean for the book? Well, as a reader I tend to be quite forgiving. And my calling a plot twist ahead of time is hardly an indication that the book itself is no good. Granted it would be better had the reveal been more surprising, but what we got was good enough for me.

I did enjoy the interaction between Calvin and the other Talon, while it looks like the Talon refused Calvin’s offer, I think it’s safe to say that is part of a trap. Calvin’s method of escaping the trap was a lot of fun, it’s moments like that that make me enjoy the book so much.

The book continues to be enjoyable, it hasn’t quite had it’s big “Oh Crap!” moment yet, though I imagine this issue was supposed to be that. I have enough faith in Snyder as a writer though, to believe that he could pull off yet another twist next issue that uses the predictability of this twist to its advantage.

Batman’s appearance was short, and didn’t really influence the story in any way. But the fact that Batman is making an appearance, instead of letting this book support itself, is a bit worrysome. But, until I see what Snyder does with him in the greater plot of Talon, I won’t bother complaining too much.

I’m a tiny bit disappointed with the ending of this issue, but not enough to consider this anything but a good comic. Good, but not quite great.

The Grade


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