Graphic Novel Reviews: Nightwing 019

The Story
The issue starts with Nightwing chased by the Chicago police, gunned down and cornered; when he remembers what brought him to Chicago in the first place. Chasing down leads to find Tony Zucco, Dick moved into a new place, with a new roommate, and started looking for information. He finds an information broker being attacked by a clearly unstable woman who fights Nightwing and manages to escape. After giving the broker his assignment, Nightwing is cornered by the police. While Nightwing escapes, a police chopper hits a bilboard and starts to go down. Nightwing saves the officers, but with the city alerted to his presence his search for Zucco will become much more difficult.

Elsewhere, a child trafficker finds himself in a trap, forced to burn his money to keep a wolf at bay, by the enigmatic Prankster.

The Review
After most DC cities being fictional it’s a bit strange when a real life city is added to the mix. Though, I quite enjoy the idea that there is a city in the DC universe that has outlawed superheroes. Just goes to show how important Gordon is to the Batman universe, without the police commissioner on his side Batman would be spending a lot more time as Nightwing does in this issue, running away from cops. I do wonder, however, what their policy is if someone like Superman decides to show up. It would be complicated to draw the line between human vigilantes and super-powered superheroes, and I don’t recon the cops would much want to test their gear against someone like that.

I’ve been a little iffy on the whole Nightwing moving to Chicago thing, but so far so good. I enjoyed the introduction of the Prankster, though the secret of who he or she is is hardly well kept. But I’m open to being surprised, just not expecting it. The scene with the child trafficker was a fun little treat, I love ironic punishment, and wouldn’t mind seeing a few more scenes like this.

Overall this was a solid issue. I find myself with not much to say mostly because all I can really say is that I enjoyed this month’s issue. Possibly because after reading Catwoman my expectations are so low that I just want to enjoy the rest of my comics for the week.

While Chicago is no Blüdhaven, I appreciate that Nightwing will be working on his own for a while. I love Batman, but every once in a while I don’t mind his supporting cast taking center stage. Though I do wonder how long this whole, “Everyone hates Batman” thing will continue. I hope that, in the not too distant future, the problem finds itself resolved, and that I don’t have to spend the entire next year dealing with my favorite characters acting like a bunch of asses to each other.

The Grade


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