Cartoon Reviews: Gravity Falls Episode 17 – Boyz Crazy

The Story
It’s just another day at the Mystery Shack in Gravity Falls
with Mabel being Mabel and Dipper fawning over Wendy as usual.

Mabel, Candy, and Grenda go to see their favorite boy band
at a concert, Sev’ral Timez, but find that the show is sold out. When sneaking
in through backstage, they come across a bizarre discovery: The boy band are
Dipper realizes something is up with Wendy when she agrees
to go out with Robbie after listening to his song. Together with Grunkle Stan,
Dipper gets to unveiling a secret message in the song.
Dipper learns about Stan’s past with musicians and vows to break Wendy out of the hypnotic song Robbie put her under. When Robbie
says a clue about how to decipher the song, Dipper cracks it and goes to stop
the couple, revealing to Wendy the truth and making a fool of himself shortly
after Wendy breaks up with Robbie.
In order to protect
Sev’ral Timez from their producer and earn their freedom, Mabel and the girls
take them to the twins’ room to hide in but when the producer gets arrested and
sent off, Mabel has a hard time setting the boys free. Mabel finally gives in
with the help of Candy and Grenda and frees the clone boy band.
The Review
Is it just me or is there a lot of pre-teen romance in the show lately? We had a couple episodes with Mabel being head over heels
for some guys and Dipper and his creepy love for Wendy. I thought Mabel’s was
scary but at least she was not fixated on the same guy throughout the entire
series. Which makes Dipper strange. Well if the ages were swapped, it would
have been much more creepy if Dipper were older than Wendy.
While I do not like Robbie as much (he is quite a jerk), he
does not deserve to be hated- oh who am I kidding! The stuff he’s done up to this point deserves my hate for him. While he does represent a typical teenage boy
(the jerk variety it seems), he’s just, he’s like a roach. An emo-looking roach with acne that needs to be squashed. The breakup was easily seen happening in the end for me. It
had to do with Dipper suddenly hugging Waddles while triumphant music was playing.
Which brings me to that particular part. I was rooting for
Dipper for the longest time but when I saw that, I knew things were not going
to go well. That type of scene was only the prelude to something bad going to
happen. Dipper’s creepiness is still funny and uh…cute?
Since I tend to miss the punchline to
things, I had not caught onto Dipper and Wendy’s jokes in the beginning about
Mabel’s favorite boy band being clones. For those who did, I congratulate you
because the surprise was strong for me but probably not as strong for others.
Had I caught it earlier, I would not have been as amused.
The introduction of Ergman Bratzman and his untimely exit hinted to at the possibility of his return later
in the series. He still has his remaining clones in development. Perhap there
will be a showdown of sorts between boy band clones? Either way, I have a
feeling Bratzman will return soon.

Mabel’s obsession with the boy band was probably more on the
creepy side than Dipper’s was for Wendy. I mean, take a look at her and tell me
that is not creepy.  She was enough to
attract some weird ones sans one who was actually not thanks to his age despite
how he looked.
This episode’s focus was, from what I understand, on
obsession and how it could drive anyone that was sane crazy (if they were not
already). Mabel’s friends had to confront her a few times to get her to let the
boy band go and Dipper had to learn to take a hit back in return to stop. It was good but it was not that great.
The Grade


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