Cartoon Reviews: Gravity Falls Episode 16 – Carpet Diem

The Story
When Mabel invites her friends Grenda and Candy to a
sleepover, Dipper finds it unbearable to stay in the same room. Soos
discovers a hidden room in the Shack, Dipper and Mabel fight over it as Grunkle
Stan decides to have a contest to decide which twin gets it.

Dipper and Mabel happen upon a strange carpet in the hidden
room that can switch bodies with the build-up of static electricity and body
contact. With it, Dipper becomes Mabel and Mabel becomes Dipper and all sorts of
hilarity and hijinks occur in the Shack.

The Review
This episode was a lot of fun. It brought back some old
characters, Grenda and Candy, and had fun with the body swap idea. There were
some things that left me pondering like Stan’s acting like he never knew the
hidden room was there. He mentioned the hidden room in the Mystery Shack so

Seeing Mabel having friends makes me wonder when is Dipper
going to have friends his own age. Wendy makes a short appearance in the
episode, a very short appearance.

The body swap thing has been done so much that I thought the
episode would lose its cool but when Soos and Waddles swapped bodies, that was
without a doubt the start to my favorite part of the episode. Soos as a pig was hilarious
and Waddles as Soos was…both horrific and comedic.

In the end, everyone gets their bodies back and the new room goes to Soos so he no longer needs to sleep in that Break Room. That guy endures so much for the Shack. He deserves it.

There’s a lot to say about the episode but the relationship
between Dipper and Mabel got a bit more focus, with Mabel having friends over
and Dipper not having any so he feels left out when Mabel is having fun. Just
goes to show you can’t keep twins apart.

The Grade


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