Graphic Novel Reviews: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Issue 003

The Story
With the ponies separated, they find themselves running across several different kinds of danger. While fleeing from said danger, the ponies are reunited and ready to reach their final destination and confront Chrysalis.

The Review
In my review of issue three, I mentioned that the ponies thinking their friends had turned against them made no sense. And in this issue Rainbow Dash brings up that the changelings were probably behind their fight. While I approve at least one of the characters coming to this realization, I still think it should have been the first thing to come to all of their minds the moment they heard the other ponies badmouthing them. But, I supposed we can just chalk that up to emotions running high and none of the ponies thinking straight.

Ultimately the purpose of having them all split up was to give enough material for this third issue. Which, on the one hand, makes it feel like there wasn’t enough material for a full four issues in the first place. On the other hand this issue was just as charming as the past two, that I can’t hold this apparent padding against it. It’s one thing when the padding is bad, but when the padding is enjoyable there really is no reason to complain about it excessively.

I enjoyed this issue just as much as the last two. There were plenty of humorous and heart touching moments, accented by one very, very, dark moment. You can argue against my use of the word “dark” in relation to MLP:FiM all you want, but this book had Queen Chrysalis do something awful to one of those cat creatures in front of the three fillies. We don’t see what exactly it is she does, after all, the book needs to stay age appropriate, but the assumption is that she kills the creature, by some means that produces a “Thump” sound effect.

One thing that I’ve really been enjoying about these books, and I don’t believe I have mentioned before, is how Andy Price draws the pegasi. Andy draws Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash’s wings much larger compared to their body size than the show does. It’s a little touch, but it makes the wings look like they could actually lift creatures of that size into the air. I know this is a book about sentient horses, but the larger wings are still a nice little touch that makes me appreciate this art style a lot more than I thought I would.

Speaking of the art, it has its moments of being disturbing without outright trying to frighten anyone. Those costumes Pinkie Pie puts on herself and Rainbow are absolutely the freakiest thing I have ever seen attached to this franchise. Or most of anything else for that matter. They look like something out of Invader Zim.

With the exception of the ponies splitting up and coming back together in just one issue feeling like busywork, this issue was just as wonderful as the last two. I know I’ve said that before in this review, but it bears repeating. I imagine anyone that is inclined to read this series has already read it, but again, I do feel like any reader that doesn’t flat out reject this series on account of the topic material, will find something that they can at least enjoy, if not love. For everyone else, I imagine we’re all just too busy loving these comics.

The Grade


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