Graphic Novel Reviews: Justice League of America 001

The Story

Steve Trevor and Amanda Palmer decide that if the Justice League were ever to go rogue, the United States would need their own team specifically to counteract the Justice League. So they gather of group of heroes and not-quite-heroes to act as counterparts for certain members of the Justice League.

For Superman they have the Martian Manhunter; for Batman, Catwoman; for Wonder Woman, Katana; for Hal Jordan, Simon Baz; for Flash, Vibe; for Cyborg, Stargirl; for Aquaman, Hawkman.

While they are gathering those characters who have not yet had the invitation extended to them, Green Arrow is on the run from what looks to be the Justice League.

The Review
I’m going to be honest, I bought this book because it has Catwoman in it, and while I really, really like Catwoman, her own series hasn’t exactly been quite what I’d hoped for. So here’s hoping JLA scratches that particular itch. The fact that I get an entire team for my one character investement is an added bonus. Whether the investment is worth the time remains to be seen. For now, this issue was quite good. It served to mostly just introduce the characters, but Green Arrow’s story introduces our first main plot point, namely the secret society that apparently has the Justice League working for them. I know we’re most likely dealing with impostors, but we shall see.

I imagine this first storyline will pit the JSA against the fake Justice League will be the closest we get to the team actually fighting the Justice Leage. Because let’s face it, chances of the Justice Leage legitimately going rogue are unlikely. Then again, it isn’t impossible, and if it does I figure it will be a big crossover event. Which I’d actually love to read, as long as it is handled well.

As far as the characters chosen for the team, you can’t go wrong with Catwoman, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkman. Katana, Baz, Vibe, and Stargirl are not characters I am familiar with. However, I am more than open to getting to know them. They all seem fairly evenly matched, or at least the matchups make sense. With the exception of Vibe and Flash. Granted I don’t know much about Vibe, but controlling vibrations seems like little use against the fastest man on earth. Though, again, I’m open to being surprised.

Overall I’m more impressed by this first issue than by the Justice League‘s first issue. While most of the story focuses on introducing the characters, rather than actually giving us a story, the setup is interesting, and promises for some intriguing future developments. I have some worries, mostly related to the use of Catwoman, but for now those worries are completely unjustified, and I will refrain from making comments on the matter unless they are warranted. For now, I’m in it for her, but hope that the rest of the team catches my eye as well.

The Grade


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