Graphic Novel Reviews: Catwoman 013

The Story

Catwoman is hired to move a giant chess piece to a designated location. After completing her job she realizes that a woman is trapped inside the chess piece, and that another piece, a pawn, has a child in it and is about to be sacrificed. She manages to save the child, but the woman in the Queen dies in the explosion.

The Review
I’ve been pretty positive about Catwoman overall, with the exception of the first issue and issue zero. But this…well this was just incomprehensible. The first half is understandable at least, but the moment the chess pieces come into play I lost the thread. Coming back to the story a second time allows it to make a little more sense, but my initial impression remains very confused.

First of all…giant chess pieces? Really? I don’t even have any specific complaint about this, it’s just so nonsensical. And the fact that it is so nonsensical damages the entire rest of the plot. I forget about everything that happens the moment I reach that end.

I honestly don’t even know what else to say. With Nightwing giving myself some time to think helped, but I’m just as lost and confused a few days later as I was when I first read this issue.

The biggst problem is that events feel very disconnected. Nocenti tries to tie in the idea that the Joker is stalking Selina, and that he’s stolen items from her friend Lola and is using them to taunt her. And somehow he’s controlling them, making them blow up… And then there’s finding a new apartment, getting the job, going on the job, all the while the Joker is taunting her. It all comes together in a way that just doesn’t flow and feels far too busy.

Overall I can’t recommend this to anyone. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever read, but it was fairly unenjoyable. I wouldn’t say this is a sign readers should abandon ship, but each to their own discretion. As for myself I don’t intend to stop reading this series, in the hopes that it starts picking up again.

The Grade


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