Editorials: Star Wars VII Has a Writer

According to various sources around the internet, Michael Arndt, screenwriter for Toy Story 3 will be writing the screen play for the upcoming Star Wars movie. Not much is known at the moment, except that apparently Arndt has put together a treatment for the next upcoming Star Wars movies. This makes me hopeful, that they are planning the movies at the same time, which with any luck will result in a more coherent trilogy.

I have to say this development has raised my hopes for the upcoming Star Wars movies. Toy Story 3 was a well written and wonderfully entertaining family movie, and while Star Wars is a slightly different beast than a movie about living toys, I think that family movie element Arndt has already proven he can write will be a crucial part of this upcoming trilogy.

The most lucrative type of movie is the family movie, and after the amount Disney spent to purchase the Star Wars franchise it can only help for the new movie to be as successful as possible. While I doubt Disney would shut down the franchise after one flop, it’s too resilient for that, it would give their future plans a definite boost.

Overall I’m optimistic, a good writer most likely means a good movie. Sure there are exceptions, but no point being pessimistic just now.

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