My Grading Scale Explained

I recently decided to start giving out grades at the end of my reviews. The problem with this is that I hate writing grades. I feel that usually a review should be able to speak for itself, without a number at the end to quantify it. But apparently people like grades, and who am I to do anything that doesn’t help increase my pageviews?

But in order to help people understand my new grading system, and to help myself understand it, I’m putting this up as an explanation for how my grading scale works. This might be subject to change later on, but for now this is the scale that I’ll be using for the foreseeable future.

The grade range goes from one to five, with one being the worst and five being the best. The meaning of each individual grade is as follows.

1/5 – It’s complete Garbage. Don’t waste your money buying it, not even out of curiosity.
2/5 – It’s not good, but not the worst. I recommend not buying it, but you could do worse.
3/5 – It’s enjoyable, even good, but not groundbreaking.
4/5 – It’s great. Most anyone can enjoy this.
5/5 – It transcends criticism. This score is only for the perfect.

As you might expect, there won’t be that many 5/5’s handed out. The reason I’m setting it as such a high goal is because I think true perfection is rare. I’m trying to hold myself to a higher standard. If I start giving everything I enjoy a 5/5 then the scores will become pointless. The best score is reserved only for things that rock me to my very soul.

As I said, the way I grade things might change. And if my grading scale ever changes radically, I’ll be sure to post an updated rubric. For now, refer back to this if you have any questions about my scores.

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