News: Injustice – Gods Among Us – Catwoman Trailer

I post this trailer for two reasons. Two reasons that have me more interested in this game than I’d been.

First: Grey DeLisle reprises the role of Catwoman. In recent years Grey has become one of my favorite voice actresses around, and she’s a strong contender on my Sexiest Voices list (yes I have a list like that, no you don’t get to see it). So as far as I’m concerned it’s a good match.

Second: They actually seem to be treating her with dignity. By which I mean her top is zipped up. I’m a big fan of the character, but it’s really hard to explain that considering how she’s been portrayed in almost everything she shows up in. A cleavage’d catsuit is hardly practical, and no matter how often her outfit becomes more and more practical, artists always seem to negate that by opening her top to her belly button and then taking away the zipper. So I’m glad to see a version of her, along with Anne Hathaway’s portrayal, that isn’t overly sexualized.

If I have one bad thing to say about this trailer, it’s that they’re still giving her those awful cat puns. Please. Just stop.

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