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Far too many people say Fairy Tail is a carbon copy of One Piece. Other, more sensible people, recognize the prevalence of certain trends in shonen manga and don’t make a big deal out of it. For those people Funimation recently announced some brand new acquisitions at Otakon.

One Piece Season 5 – I expected that we would be getting this soon, but I didn’t expect to see Funimation acquire the rights before getting sales numbers for season four back. This confidence in the franchise on Funimation’s part speaks well for the series’ future.

But that’s not all!

One Piece Film: Strong World – I asked Funimation CEO, Ken Fukunaga, about this way back at comic-con 2010. He said they were working on acquiring the rights and that it all depended on what the Japanese parent companies decided. Two years later we finally get it! I’m hoping this means we’ll get to see releases for the other movies, my collection needs completing.

And for the fans of Fairy Tail we have:

Fairy Tail Season 2 – We’ll be getting another 24 episodes. I’m not sure which set of episodes these are, I need to double check how many have been released so far. But it’s a good sign for the franchise. Even better is…

Fairy Tail – The Movie – This one caught me off guard. After how long it took to get Strong World I would never have imagined that Funimation would have acquired the rights to a movie that hasn’t even been released yet. Good thing too, this means I can avoid having to deal with wondering when the fansubbers will get around to it. We’ll be able to see the movie how it was meant to be seen, legally and of much better quality. No news on when exactly it will be released, but I imagine sometime towards the end of this year.

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