Anime Reviews: Medaka Box Episode 9 – It’s not justice if you don’t go overboard!

Plot Summary
Medaka runs into Shiranui and says she had a bunch of suggestions in the box that
happened to be complaints about the music room. Medaka is on her way to the music room
where the orchestra is to deal with the soundproofing of the room as per the
complaints. She came a long way as a one-person Student Council as she
expressed gratitude for Zenkichi, Akune, and Kikaijima’s help. Shiranui then
expressed interest in wondering who the fifth and final person is that will
fill in the position of Student Council Vice-President. Medaka asked if Shiranui
would take up that position but Shiranui flat-out refused, saying she is not into
being part of groups. Shiranui mentioned that she and Medaka hate each other
which Medaka told her that is the reason why she asked: the others are too
quick and kind to agree to Medaka’s methods that she wants the next person,
someone like Shiranui to go against her methods. Onigase happens to come by the
two and when asked where she is headed, she tells
them she is on her way to deliver towels to the music room.

That music room happens to be the same one Unzen Myouri is in. In
order to save their skin, the leader of the orchestra attempts to make nice
and bribe Unzen. This fails and let me just say that the school nurse is going
to have her hands full. Unzen left large holes in the room as Medaka, Shiranui,
and Onigase had perfect timing to appear and see the damage Unzen had
wrought. Onigase recalls that she joined the Disciplinary Committee because she
believed in Unzen’s motto, “It’s not justice if you don’t go overboard!” but
she sees that Unzen goes too far to make his point. Unzen’s disdain for Medaka
is completely shown. He tells Medaka that he wishes to make an enemy of the
Student Council and attacks Medaka with some unknown projectile. Medaka is
called a monster by Unzen when she survived his attacks. She told him that she
did not dodge merely because there is no reason for her to dodge. Unzen tells
Medaka that there is a reason for him to attack her. He tells her that saints
are always oppressed by justice and do not mix. 

Despite their differences, Medaka attempts to talk with
Unzen when he gives her a reason to fight by having his fellow Disciplinary
Committee members attack Kikaijima, Akune, and Zenkichi. Unzen attempts to keep
Medaka from going to their rescue but is stopped by Shiranui whom Medaka asks
for help. Unzen is unable to deal with Shiranui as she has not done anything to
warrant him to deal with her. On the way, Medaka displays her superhuman
abilities on three Disciplinary Committee members: one trying to use claws on Kikaijima, another attempting to use a bicycle
to clobber Akune, and the third is Yobuko whom Medaka stops from trying to seriously injure Zenkichi. It
is in the dark room with Medaka and Zenkichi that Yobuko sees how different Medaka is.

My Opinion
There is one thing about this episode that I want to point out that I was not able to point out earlier. It is about Class 13 that Medaka and Unzen are from. Yobuko mentioned them to Onigase at the very beginning of the episode and I want to say that due to this foreshadowing, they will play an important role later on.

There are things in this episode that will probably make
more sense in the next and things got pretty violent here. At first I was
fooled into thinking that Unzen had killed the orchestra but that would be
crossing the line.

Unzen is a character I should despise, going against Medaka
and all especially for something as simple as that saints and justice never mix. Yet the things he says and does got my attention. His methods are brutal
but he would not have resorted to such methods had the orchestra’s leader not
try to bribe him. Funny thing here, I used to hate Unzen when he appeared in
the manga the first time but seeing him appear in the anime for the first time,
he’s actually pretty cool. There are just some things that anime can do that
manga cannot.

The students who were constantly pointing out Medaka when she was out to stop the other Disciplinary Committee members from attacking the
other three Student Council members were pretty funny. They all just see everything she does as normal.

Medaka going off to prevent the three Disciplinary Committee members from
attacking Kikaijima, Akune, and Zenkichi was great. Especially with how she
used the previous item she borrowed from the previous attacker to reach the
next attacker. Not to mention using claws and cleats to climb up the side of a
building is clever and cool.

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