New 52 Graphic Novel Reviews Introduction

I hadn’t intended to review any of the New 52 books, but because I can’t have an opinion without writing about it (as witnessed by actually writing about the reboot in general), I broke down and decided to go ahead and write these reviews. Obviously I don’t have any kind of focus with any of my reviews, so those of you that come here for the anime reviews, have fun reading reviews about something you probably don’t care about.

I’m going to go through and review all the issues I’m behind on in one go, and after that I’ll probably review each series issue by issue. This is one of those rare cases where having to wait an entire month for the next part of the story actually works for me, since I’ll have plenty of time in between each review to recuperate. Because I’m a lazy turd. 
Anyway, this post is just to let you know what I’m about to do (which means once I get this posted I won’t ever come back to this project…I mean…Ignore that!). I’ll go through and review the series that I’ve been reading, I’m hoping to go ahead and get one a day of those up, so I’m ready for the single issue reviews. Though, I am going to be reviewing the most recent seven, so some of the reviews will have to wait for the latest issues to come out. Because I like to stall.
Hopefully you value my opinion enough to enjoy these reviews!

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