The Massively Monstrous Manga Review Rhapsody

So, I’ve decided I’m a pretty terrible manga reviewer. And for good reason, manga is a lot harder (in my opinion) to review than anime. There’s a lot more material to cover in one volume than any given episode of any anime. And yet I have a pile of unreviewed anime to get through, as well as all the manga I want to review, because I really want to be a manga reviewer.

So, in order to force myself to review everything I own, and curb my manga spending habits while I work my way towards paying off a few bills I owe on, I’ve decided to start a new blogging effort.

I swear that I will not buy another volume of manga unless I have reviewed all the prior volumes. 

For some series this won’t be too hard. Either I’ve reviewed all the volumes I own, or I’m only a volume or two off from being caught up. So I’ll probably be able to buy new Blue Exorcist, or Bakuman, or Toriko, or Fullmetal Alchemist volumes soon.

On the other hand I think it’s time to bid a tearful farewell to ever buying another volume of One Piece again.

Now the only question is, do I start with the small fish, and work my way up to reviewing all the major ones? Or do I start on the large series and hope that I somehow make my way through them? The answer will have to wait for now, since I’m in the middle of spending six hours a day training for my new job, and doing school work. The bonus is that once I finally finish training I’ll have plenty of downtime on the job. I’ll be working evening shift in a call center, where I’ve been told there is plenty of downtime between calls. And I’ve been told that they don’t care what you do in between calls, as long as you are focused during the calls themselves.

So I’ll have that time, except I intend to use that time to catch up on schoolwork I got behind on during these two weeks of training. I’ve long since learned that I’m a terrible procrastinator, and the longer I put doing this off the less chance there is of me actually doing it. But I can also see myself flopping off if I try to start it now. As it is, I have other responsibilities to take care of, and I’m so close to graduation that I think a massive manga review catch up can wait for a few months. I only have spring term left, but I’ll only be taking one class then, and in between doing that and working I’ll be able to get plenty of blogging done.

What I am going to do now is finally catch up on my anime reviews. Watching an episode a day, and writing about it is a bit less time consuming than reading a volume of manga and writing about it. So in order to emulate my insane friend, I’m going to be reviewing an episode a day, maybe even more if I have the time, of all the anime I’m behind on.

Keep in mind that I haven’t reviewed Fairy Tail in months. And there are series I haven’t even started reviewing that I want to review. So this just might kill me.

Also, along with all that, I’ve started writing for the Manga Bookshelf in the hopes that coat-tailing more experienced bloggers will give me some more internet notoriety. The weekly column I’m writing is called Combat Commentary. Every week I go through a fight scene from any manga, shounen or otherwise, and analyze how the fights work, and whether they work at all. Since most of the anime I watch and the manga I read is shounen, and generally has fight scenes, I decided that if there was something I was qualified (?) to talk about on a weekly basis, it was this. So I hope you enjoy it, though I get the feeling that I’m getting more readers from the links I post there, as opposed to readers that will be finding my column through this blog.

I’ll post links to every new column when they come out (on Tuesdays), in case there are any of you that happen to read my blog and want to keep up to date on what I think of shounen manga (and more) fight scenes.

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