Anime Reviews: Blue Exorcist Episode 24 – Satan’s Spawn

Satan proves to be a rather difficult foe. He’s not infamous for nothing. But the Esquires will stop at nothing to take him down.
Our heroes.

Plot Summary
Rin wakes up just in time to see Yukio cloaked in blue flames. Meanwhile Shura tries to get past Arthur who flashbacks to losing his title as Paladin. Shura spouts some words for Arthur to think about and runs past him to get to the place where everyone else is.

Having possession of Yukio’s body, Satan reveals his goal for the last fifteen years was to unite the two  worlds as one. After seeing Rin get taken out, everyone else attacks Satan but fail with Tsubaki being burned by the blue flames aimed for Suguro. Right before Satan can take out the Esquires, Shura saves them. She tells Shiemi to get everyone out and distracts Satan so they can all escape.

While hiding out in a dorm, the Esquires and Shura plan out what to do next. Shura tells Rin that it will be hard to destroy the Gehenna Gate this time. Shima brings up that their trying to get to the gate with Satan guarding it is like Kick-the-Can. Rin decides to go to the roof again as Shura follows after him. Suguro is given a ring of magic keys by Tsubaki and he and the Esquires go to help the people in the city evacuate to a safe place.

Shura and Rin form a plan where the baiter lures Satan while the ambusher attacks the gate when Satan isn’t looking. Shiemi happens to hear about the plan and follows after them. Outside the lesser demons are attacking the people in the city as Satan reveals that he intends to unite the two worlds as per Yuri’s dream.

Paku and some school girls are saved by the Esquires and they all end up in the Japan Branch of the Knights of the True Cross with all the other evacuees. Rin climbs to the top to find that Shura is already in battle with Satan. Satan learns of their plan as Shura tries to take him out with her strongest attack but is defeated.

Shiemi appears to talk Yukio back into the world but fails, and gets knocked out by Satan. Rin does the same thing Shiemi did and calls out to Yukio. Yukio awakens within his mind and combats his subconscience to regain his body.

I’m going to have nightmares…

Just as Rin was finally able to free him, Satan regains control and shoots Rin. Yukio realizes this and turns the gun on himself. He threatens to kill himself only for Rin to punch him back to his senses. Yukio understands Rin’s feelings and regains control of his body. Satan, having lost, decides to resort to using the gate to fulfill his ambition.

My Opinion
This episode wasn’t that bad. The characters all managed to do something, even if they were beaten by Satan.
Why is he the main antagonist again?
Because Japan loves tormented, misunderstood badboys.
Yukio managed to get redeemed for all he has put them through and Shura will be going without her jacket for the rest of the series it seems. Not that I have anything against that. The only thing I found about the episode that I personally did not like was the inside of Yukio’s subconscience. If the animators’ job was to disturb the viewers, they got me. I never want to see so many mini little Yukios in the same place ever again.

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