News: Fairy Tail Movie Announced

I’ve seen the news spread around a few sites I frequent. Not much is known, other than that it will be coming out on August 18, 2012. The information was announced last Wednesday, through Kodansha’s Comic’s Plus newsletter.

While we know next to nothing, such as what the plot will be—none of that really matters. It doesn’t even matter if the movie is any good, though I would much prefer it if it is good, because pretty much all anime movies suck, or at least the early ones do. What’s important is that Fairy Tail is getting a movie. I predicted a while back that we should be getting a movie soon, the series has been running for a while, and has already passed the hundred episode mark.

Getting a movie is a landmark for the series, it’s becoming one of the “legitimate” long running series, like One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto.

Whether the movie is good or not, I do know that Fairy Tail has often proven capable of handling filler in an entertaining way. And since a movie is nothing but a good two hours of filler, I think we’ll at least be able to enjoy it.

I’ll keep you updated as I find more information, and since I know about the movie now, I’ll keep my eye open for more news. If anyone has any good Japanese sites to check out, let me know, I want to keep an eye on them.

What do you hope the movie will be like? Do you have any plots that you think would make a good movie? Let me know in the comments section.

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