Anime Reviews: Fairy Tail Episode 86 – Erza vs Erza

Gray and Erza are able to use their magic to fight off the soldiers.  Erza and Erza fight each other, while Gray explains how they got there.  This is done through another filler segment, however since the filler is actually interesting, and fills in something the manga left out, it’s the good kind of filler.


Lucy and the rest go to rescue Natsu and Wendy, while Happy goes off to find Gajeel, whose dragonslayer magic can turn the lachryma back into their friends.  Lucy and Gray give Natsu and Wendy the medicine that allows them to use their magic, and once Natsu wakes up he charges off without noticing anyone else was there.  He quickly runs back when he comes across the two Erzas fighting.


Charle and Wendy head for Extalia, while Happy and Gajeel find the giant lachryma.  But before they are able to free their friends, they are attacked by Pantherlily.  Natsu, Lucy, and Gray find an amusement park in the middle of the castle.  There they meet two of the generals, who engage them in battle.


An important part of this episode is that we discover the King’s plan.  He intends to crash the lachryma into Extalia, and cause magic to rain upon Edolas forever.  As far as evil plans go, this one makes sense, ignoring the fact that I don’t know whether that would actually work.  But he has a goal, and his character is developed around that goal, so I’ve got no complaints.


The fight between the two Erzas is a lot of fun, with some really good animation going for it.  Natsu’s reaction to discovering his worst nightmare is a lot of fun too.  The episode splits between the different groups quite a bit, allowing the pace to move forward properly. 

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