Anime Reviews: Toriko Episode 11 – The Devils’ Game! Clear the Devils’ Playground!

Toriko and Rin pass through the Devil’s Playground, where each path leads to a new stage, where a boss battle waits.  Toriko tries to find the easiest way through, but in his weakened state battles that would normally be easily won are sapping his strength.  Making up for her mess up with the battle fragrance in the arena, and against the Rock Drum, Rin takes out an Axe Ox that Toriko can’t beat.  She even helps fighting against the next boss.

Komatsu and Sunny have not run into any resistance, and make their way to the cliff leading to the Regal Plateau.  In the meanwhile Tina and Terry continue to make their way towards Toriko, as the GT Robots come closer to the prize.


Terry shows up to help Toriko and Rin find their way through the maze without fighting any more monsters.  Unfortunately he led the grey GT Robot right to them.  As Terry goes back to fight the robot, Toriko, Rin, and Tina make it to the cliff leading up to the Regal Plateau, just as something truly massive falls down towards Sunny and Komatsu.


I can honestly say that this is how an action/adventure shonen anime needs to be done.  Focusing too long on specific fights can lead to viewer fatigue, so switching back and forth between characters like this really helps the pace.  No part of this episode felt slow, even though Sunny and Komatsu’s scenes had no action in them.


Rin gets her chance to shine, and thankfully so.  Women in shonen tend to get the shaft in comparative strength.  They are always out-shone by their male counterparts, and with a few notable exceptions rarely get to take down any major villains.  Rin was looking like she was going to go the unfortunate route of “looks badass, probably is badass, but really doesn’t compare” especially since every time we saw her in action prior to this episode she’s kind of been responsible for things going worse.  Of course it was funny, and I enjoy her character anyway, but I appreciate that she gets a chance to show off her skills.

The other part of the episode that stuck out is just how massive the Regal Mammoth really is.  It takes a lot for something to be truly impressive as far as scope is concerned in anime, and I think they’ve managed to pull it off.  I can tell you one thing, if Sauron had even one of these puppies during the siege of Gondor, King Eodin and his army would have been smashed flat.  And then eaten.


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