Impulse Reviews – Manga: Narue no Sekai

This is a type of review that I, appropriately enough, came up with on the fly just now.  I was going to work on some other reviews that I’ve been putting off thanks to school, but I just read a manga that is so deplorably stupid that I had no choice but to get out my soap box and explain exactly how stupid it is, even the standards of other stupid manga.  Generally these reviews will be shorter things, and won’t feature anything good, as I rarely am overcome by the impulse to write a sudden review about something I like.  I tend to let those sit for a while.  But in the case of my finding something so deplorable that I can’t wait, and just have to sit down and type up why exactly this manga is stupid.

From what I gather the basic premise is that the main female character, Narue, is a half alien and her father is an intergalactic explorer (and an alien).  The main character, Kazuto meets her, the two go on a date, and become boyfriend and girlfriend.  There’s some other stuff, involving aliens and whatnot.  The important part is that from this description this is clearly a romantic comedy.

So what’s the problem?  Well I’ll let the first few pages speak for themselves.

See the problem already?  It’s not that the girl just killed a puppy that she claims was an alien.  Oh no, that would be perfectly acceptable.  What I want to draw your attention to is the form behind the mosaic.  Notice how it lacks any alien features, and in fact looks very much like the bloodied corpse of a puppy.  As an audience we don’t even know if she was telling the truth.  For all we know we just witnessed the brutal murder of an innocent stray puppy.

I’m willing to accept the fact that the girl was probably telling the truth, and that was in fact an alien.  Working on science fiction logic and all that.  Keep in mind that Kazuto has no way of knowing that she was telling the truth.  And what is his reaction?

Are you kidding me?  He just watched a girl murder a puppy, and his reaction is to fall in love with her?  BULLSHIT!  People do not react this way!  You see someone butcher a puppy like that and you run the hell away because she’s a freaking psycho!

Okay, fine, so maybe he believes that puppy really was an alien…

So you don’t even believe that was really an alien?  You’re making up reasons to explain how her violent attack on that poor innocent puppy (as far as Kazuto knows) justified!?  PEOPLE DO NOT REACT LIKE THIS!!!!

Jeeze, this is stupid.  It’s so stupid that I can’t even follow proper diction, or even make this review look good.  It’s so stupid that I didn’t even bother to try and think about this analytically.  It’s way too obvious what is wrong here, the hack that wrote this does not know how to write realistic humans!

And you know what’s worse!?  This crap got licensed for a release in the states!  How could this crap possibly get licensed, while I’m still here waiting for History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi and Beelzebub to get licensed!!!

Don’t believe me?  LOOK: The World Of Narue Book 1 (Aka: Bullshit McBullshit)

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that no actual analysis was involved in this review.  It’s pure gut reaction based on only the first few pages.  It doesn’t necessarily reflect on the overall quality, just that the beginning is already so piss poor that I have no intentions of ever reading the rest.

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