Anime Reviews: Fairy Tail Episode 62 – Jura, the Tenth Saint

After the battle Natsu can’t move due to the damage he took from the poison.  Unfortunately Cobra is not quite finished yet.  Which really isn’t surprising in the slightest, considering that none of the Oracion Seis went down without getting back up for one last shot at the protagonist.  Kind of ruins the shock when it happens too often.

However, in this case Brain takes out Cobra.  Cobra’s flashback, while declaring his only prayer was to hear the voice of his only friend, shows him in the same place that Erza was as a child.  In fact, I think I’ve noticed this connection to the Tower of Paradise for all of them.  Wonder if that will be expanded on at any point.

Brain says that he needs to rebuild his six generals, and that he’ll start by making Natsu his slave.  Lucy and the rest of her group come across Brain right as he is dragging Natsu away.  Jura asks what Brain’s purpose is with awakening Nirvana.

Brain reveals that he will destroy all the light guilds, starting with Caite Shelter.

Which is then followed by Jura completely wiping the floor with Brain.  It’s a really fun fight, as Jura completely overpowers the villain that has been giving the protagonists so much trouble during this arc.  While it does do a little bit of damage to the build up for a final fight, this is salvaged by the fact that Brain mentions someone.  He doesn’t say who specifically, but whoever this person is, they’re obviously bad news.  Right before he passes out Brain prays that Midnight doesn’t get defeated.

Back with Hoteye and Midnight, the former is completely trashing the latter.  After a few minutes of beating up on him, Midnight reveals that he is unharmed.  Midnight says that he is even stronger than Brain, his father.

Wendy and Charle find Natsu and the rest and tell them they noticed it was headed for their guild.  They go to where Brain was controlling Nirvana, but can’t find any way to stop it as there are no obvious controls.

Wendy cures Happy and Natsu of the poison from the fight against Cobra, and Wendy is confused when Natsu is still doing terribly.  When the others explain his motion sickness Wendy is able to cure him of that as well by fixing his sense of balance.  Meaning that Natsu can be on a moving vehicle without feeling sick for the first time in his life. 

Context: Shippers’ Kryptonite

They finally decide that Nirvana is running on auto-pilot, and that the only way to stop it is to defeat Midnight, who has just beaten Hoteye.

I liked this episode, just for the simple fact that I loved seeing Jura really show what he can do.  Considering his track record in the series so far it comes as a surprise to see him really kick some butt.  That alone makes this episode a worthwhile watch, and very entertaining.

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