Anime Reviews: Fairy Tail Episode 60 – March to Destruction

After Jellal sets the self destruct spell on Nirvana, and on himself, the episode begins with Erza refusing to let him die, telling him that he still has to repent for his sins.  Brain shows up and reveals that the spell Jellal used was one of Brain’s own invention, and that it was he that taught it to Jellal in the first place.  Brain uses a backdoor he built into the spell and deactivates it, while leaving the one on Jellal intact.  After doing so he unleashes Nirvana’s final form.

And what exactly is that form?  It turns out that Nirvana is a giant walking city!

Huh.  Even in a fantasy setting, it seems that the Japanese are compelled to add mecha.  It happened in Vision of Escaflowne (where it was badass), and at least once in Slayers (I don’t care if you call it a Golem, if you ride on it it’s still a giant robot).

Erza and Jellal, having been right next to Nirvana when it came out of the ground, hang onto it as Nirvana rises up on its six giant legs.  Erza tells Jellal to undo the destruction magic he place on himself, and to live on as penance for his past crimes.  While she gives a much longer speech than what I wrote down they watch as the rest of the protagonists, who are still able, climb up Nirvana’s legs.

Of course once it starts moving Natsu is down for the count.  Though he does try to overcome his weakness, and actually does manage to make his way up a little ways.  But he falls off, and is saved at the last minute by Happy, who carries him to the top while Gray and Lucy make their way up the leg.

While Brain and Cobra get Nirvana heading towards their first target, Natsu attacks them from the air.  Cobra intercepts him, and the battle that follows is short, as the episode is almost over, but definitely interesting considering Natsu’s major handicap in the form of not being able to touch the ground.

Also, Cobra gets my vote for Oracion Seis I would least like to fight.  Flying snake, talk about my worst nightmare.

Something that I’ve noticed, and I’d have to double check to be sure, is that he fire animation is looking much better.  At first I wasn’t so certain about the obviously CGI fire when I first started watching this show, but it’s grown on me.  And I really think it has gotten legitimately better.

The episode ends with Cobra revealing that he can predict Natsu’s moves based on hearing his movements, and with Charle noticing that Nirvana is heading towards their guild, Caite Shelter.

Overall a solid episode.  A lot happens, and the plot moves on to the next act.  With Nirvana’s release things are looking bad for our heroes, so the coming episodes should be pretty great.  I noticed several great new tracks added to the background music, so I think we can expect to see a third soundtrack released anytime within the next month or so.  The fact that they’ve gotten so many episodes, and with potentially three soundtrack collections (keep in mind, Naruto has three soundtracks, and we all know how popular that show is), I would hope that we see this series brought over to America soon.  Also, there’s an OVA scheduled to come out sometime in the spring, which I look forward to seeing if I can get my hands on a copy.  Not sure whether that will happen, since it sounds like it will be a limited edition release, but we’ll see.  Now if only we could get a movie for Fairy Tail then this franchise’s future would be secured.

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