NaNoWriMo: Day 9

Today was a better day. Got some stuff done for the blog, and at the same time I had a surge of energy, and was in the right mood to get some writing done. Granted I didn’t get that much done, but I had broken the initial trouble zone that I face when I write, so I need to figure out how to employ this every time I write and find ways to get the awkward, crappy moments that face each writing session out of the way. So far I’m thinking of either finding ways to put me in the writing mood, or to force the rough section of my writing time out of the way with something unimportant. Like maybe a fanfiction or what not. Either way, I got some writing done today, only 453 words. But I wrote something, and even if it’s only a little bit, I’m slowly starting to understand how I work. Soon I’ll be able to get myself to do writing earlier in the day if I figure out how to manipulate my mood properly.

Now have an excerpt, and be sated.

Wonderful. That was all I needed. If there was one thing Monopods were, it was strong. Monopods were predators, not the kind of predator humans are, or were in the past, that rely on weapons and outsmarting their prey. Monopod arms were perfectly capable of capturing their prey and imobilizing it while they stuffed it down their gullets. And if the prey was larger than them, which I wasn’t, they had no difficulty tearing it to edible pieces. While I was strong by human standards, working most of your life in a mine will do that to you, as well as give you terrible back pains let me tell you, I had neither the distance required in this small space, nor the high powered rifle it would take to take them down in a fight.

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