NaNoWriMo: Day 5

Well, I finally managed to finish up all my urgent papers and such, hopefully didn’t do too poorly on my midterms. I still had to work tonight, so didn’t get anything done. I work tomorrow morning and afternoon to early evening, but after that I’m free and I plan to use it to get some more planning and writing done for The Incredible Life of Billy Brown (not going to let this one fall apart). I usually find that I get my best writing done immediately after planning, even if what I write isn’t what I planned. So we’ll see how that goes. Not having written it in a while makes it hard to get back into it, and I need to organize my plot notes a lot more, make me more likely to read them. I think it would help if I made the paragraphs shorter. Either way, I’ll get into it again tomorrow, and start myself back on my writing every day…not that I wrote every day this week. I’m horribly behind, but what are you going to do when this event is scheduled right when I have a ton of homework. I just need to readjust my values and put writing before leisure all the time, but right after school work unfortunately.

But, I get back on the bandwagon tomorrow. I’m going to dedicate at least a few hours to this. I also need to catch up on all my late reviews, that I really don’t want to reschedule. I need to get these out of the way so that they’re off my to do list.

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