NaNoWriMo: Day 3

The hardest part of this all is forcing myself to write. I may not write as much as I intend to, but as long as I get something done I’m on the right path to slowly force myself into good writing habits.

I only wrote 271 words today. Pretty pathetic, but then again, it’s been a hectic week. And the fact that I’ve written something today is a victory for me. Now I just need to get to finishing some homework before I go to bed.

And here, an extra short excerpt.

Keep in mind that this wasn’t just a mindless game for me. It’s a lot trickier to translate the game into both languages. There’s a lot to consider. For example, did you know that tentapods have over thirty words for black alone? It’s because of their eyes, they can see much more on the spectrum of color than human eyes. So different shades of black get different names, even if the black of an inactive screen looks the same as the blackness of space to humans. And then there’s the fact that I had to translate the concept of a letter into two completely different languages that did not have the concept of letters. At the same time.

Well, have fun, and keep writing. I’ll try to get a more respectable word count by the end of this week. After I get through the hectic part and get my work organized. And I’ll try to catch up on my late reviews as quickly as possible

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