Writing Update: Avalon Locke Chapter 16

Didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. I think I’ll be able to continue finishing this book with just a little more effort. The problem is that I’ve been playing around with this idea for so many years that there is no right idea anymore. I just need to get this book done so that I can say I have a finished book, instead of several unfinished books. Even if it sucks.

Sorry if this is a bit depressing, but there really isn’t much to say other than I’m stuck on this idea, and the characters don’t make sense anymore. I try to discovery write and it doesn’t come out right. So frankly, I’m going to go back to planning more as soon as I get this done and start work on my next book. I just need to finish one and then I’ll have passed that first hurdle.

My word count was 538, though the section will be much longer as I have a bunch of stuff that needs to be moved down here. The main problem is that I was discovery writing a bunch of what was happening and it was coming out at the wrong time. So instead I need to plan my work out and whenever I think of something at a point where it doesn’t belong I can put it in my notes where it needs to be. My dialogue could use some work. Though really what I need the most is to work on making my characters interesting. That’s what’s making this entire thing drag, I don’t have a clear vision of who my characters are. It’s frustrating me to the point that I’m starting to hate this whole thing. So it will do me good to abandon it for a few years and work on different projects. Improve my ability to think of good new ideas for books.

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