Anime Reviews: Fairy Tail Episode 43 – Defeat Your Friends to Save Your Friends

The episode starts with the battles between the Fairy Tail wizards in full swing. Friend battles friend as all are desperate to save their stoned comrades. While at the same time hidden grudges come to the surface.

Deep, bitter resentment?

Natsu wants to join the fight, but is still unable to leave the guild. When Makarov calls him on caring more about the fight than saving the girls, Natsu says that Laxus may be a jerk, but he’s still a member of the guild and won’t go that far.

Reedus, having been sent out by Makarov in the last episode, tries to escape from Magnolia in order to bring back Polyushka, who can heal the girls, is stopped by another of Freed’s enchantments, and is forced to fight Freed.

At the same time Gray runs into Bicslow, and Elfman is attacked by Evergreen. Elfman manages to avoid being turned to stone by putting a blindfold on and fighting Evergreen based solely on her smell, but he’s outmatched and quickly defeated by Evergreen’s exploding fairy dust.

Honestly, why are you even surprised?

Reedus tries to escape from Freed by painting a fake Lucy, but is unable to get away as Freed isn’t fooled for a moment. Nor is anyone else with half a brain.

Reedus’ choice of apparel for Lucy is best left unquestioned.

Bisclow’s ability is to control dolls by controlling souls, so even when Gray manages to freeze Bisclow’s dolls, all Bisclow has to do is transfer the souls to new dolls. Gray is caught in one of Freed’s traps, which prevents him from using magic. However, he’s able to get above the trap, and just as he’s about to dodge Bisclow’s attack he notices that if he moves a little girl watching the fight will be hit. He takes the blast, but manages to get a hit in on Bisclow, knocking both of them to the ground. Unfortunately Gray is himself knocked out.

Laxus tells Makarov that the only way to stop the fighting and save the girls is if he surrenders the position of Master to him. Makarov refuses to do so, stating that he can’t let someone like Laxus become master. Fortunately Gajeel is still in the guild, and with Gray down he’s the only fighter left who could stand a chance against Laxus. If Natsu weren’t trapped in the guild that is. Unfortunately…

This just supports my theory of Natsu actually being a Dragon, and older than he looks. Whatever is stopping him from leaving clearly applies to all dragon slayers, and since being a user of dragon slayer magic is the common denominator in not being able to pass the barrier that blocks people over eighty years old, then it becomes quite clear that there’s something going on here.

The Raijinshu continue to pick off the rest of Fairy Tail, until only two are left. Natsu and Gajeel.

Natsu goes to revive Erza, figuring that if he heats her up the stone shell will just melt off her. Of course this would not work, since she’s completely turned to stone. Her forehead starts to crack, and he panics, thinking that he broke her. At the same time he’s apologizing to her I swear they used the running sound effect from the Flintstones.

Erza breaks free and the first thing she does is beat up on Natsu for trying to use his fire magic on her. Erza and Makarov realize that the reason the magic wore off early was because of her artificial right eye.

Did I not mention that before? That she has an artificial eye? Whoops.

With Erza back to normal the number of fighters left increases to three, and then immediately to four. Erza surmises that Mystogan must have returned. Erza leaves to find Laxus, but is attacked by Evergreen, ending the episode.

This episode was fun, but not one of my favorites. I think overall it’s one of the ones I’m less likely to watch over and over. Then again, individual episodes of Fairy Tail have a fairly low rewatchability. Instead it’s best to watch individuals arcs over to get the full experience. Overall, a decent episode, if not one of the best.

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Disclaimer: You will need to purchase a membership at Crunchyroll to watch this series. They do have a two week trial you can sign up for, and at least this is a legal way to watch the show.

Note: Crunchyroll only has four or five episodes up at a time. So if you follow the links and the episode is down, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until the series is licensed for release in your country. Sadly there is no way of knowing when that will be, so until then good luck. Perhaps we’ll get lucky and Crunchyroll will upload all the episodes again. Though personally I’m hoping for the series to be licensed. I doubt it will take too long for that to happen, I can’t make any definite statements, but Fairy Tail is a fairly popular series so it’s not like it will be passed over.

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