Unseen Academicals

Excitement Abounds!

While checking the local Borders affiliate Walden Books at my local mall, I discovered not only that today was the last day of their going out of business sale, but it was also the day that I would make an incredible discovery.

A discovery of something I should have already known, but that’s besides the point.

Unknown to me, since the last time I checked Terry Pratchett has released his latest book, Unseen Academicals – Once again proving that if you’re a literary genius, you can make up your own words. The plot, according to what I’ve read on the jacket, centers around the wizards at Unseen University being forced by Lord Vetinari to found a football team – a bit of soccer with rugby thrown in, according to the jacket. Then there’s some stuff about the main characters, who aren’t part of the faculty.

Not that I care at this point, the only reason I’m reading this book is for Ridcully and the Librarian dangit!

So, now I have the book, and now it must be read…on top of all the other books on my reading list, as well as my school readings. This is going to be a long, long semester.

Wish me luck, and I’ll have a book review for this one up as soon as I finish reading this.

Oh yeah, and I bought some more manga at a great discount while I was there.

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