Sunday Writing Update

I decided this past week, while I was planning out my blog post topics for the coming week, that every Sunday I’d take a few moments and just update you on my current writing project. Unfortunately, being myself, I have waaay too many projects I’m working on. So, I’ll just tell you what I’ve been working on most recently.

Recently I’ve been working on what will be my first serious submission to a publisher. I’ve submitted one other story to Tor before, but wasn’t really expecting much to come out of that. Thanks that it though, I’ve joined the ranks of authors with rejection slips. So overall a good experience.

This time however, I intend for the manuscript to actually be done when I submit it to a publisher. Since it’s a middlegrade novel I’ll probably be sending it to someone like Scholastic. I need to look around a bit more though, and find other publishers.

The book is called Morpher and it’s basically a rip-off/parody of Animorphs. It’s a comedy, the first two chapters went across well with my writing group, so I’m going to give this one a shot.

I’ll let you know how it turns out, for now I need to go an write some more.

I should probably do some homework as well…

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  1. You do have too many projects but whichever works for you, just know to take it slow, one at a time. I find it impossible to work on more than one story idea but that's just me. Though it is better to work on just one story idea as more time and effort can go into it, making it better than a half and half story idea.

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