Karate Master: Part 2

So, my legs finally stopped hurting from last Tuesday. Now they hurt just as much as they did back then, and I’ve got some new blisters on my feet. It almost feels like some insane training you’d find in a manga.

Okay…so maybe it isn’t quite as hard as that. But it’s still pretty darn tiring.


I’ll…I’ll just be quiet now.

For the record, I need to work on my foot work the most now. Which is why it’s kind of nice that we’ve been focusing on that so much. According to the teacher parts of my skills are currently at green belt level for their style, but other parts aren’t even at red belt level (their lowest).

Apparently I rest too much of my weight on my front leg, which the instructor said is perfectly fine if that’s the way I’ve been taught. He then went on to say that it’d just make it that much easier for them to beat me. After being told to rest my weight more in the center, I was able to execute a proper punch using the new stance. Good thing I remember most of my training, and it’s really just a matter of getting back into practice.

I also learned that I need to angle my upward block a little more. That way I don’t risk hitting myself in the face. Instead the attack slides down my forearm and is deflected to the side.

So essentially, I’ve kept some good parts from my last training, mainly my punches, but have a lot more to make any of it usable. Which is just fine by me, since it’ll give me plenty of more blog posts.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go lay down and hope my legs fall off. Or my feet. These blisters are really making it hard to walk, let alone move boxes to a new house.

Yeah, we’re moving. And I’m doing it while exhausted from getting up at 7:30 in the morning.

Hopefully they take it easy during sparring with me.

You know…I’m really hoping my instructor doesn’t read manga.

Really, REALLY hoping!


  1. Funny how you used History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, which is known as Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple in the U.S. to exaggerate this. It's already the second post for Karate and you're feeling the pain already? Someone like me would have given up. Then again, my kickboxing instructor would urge me to keep going. I've still managed to retain those five hand err, things? It's what you do after you get into horse stance.

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