Nanowrimo Day 3

Daily Word Count: 1,584

Total Word Count: 5,922

Words Left: 44,078

Thought of the Day:

This has been a weird past couple days. With the exception of my performance on the very first day I’ve fallen short of even the minimum word goals, let alone the ones I’d set myself. So naturally I’ve been feeling a bit down about my progress. And yet when I check my progress on the nanowrimo website I find that for both days two and three I am above the minimum/average requirement. So I’ve been feeling bad, when I’ve actually been doing really well.

Take that as you will.

What it has taught me, if I can say I’ve really learned anything from just three days of writing, is that the reverse nanowrimo is a great method. Even just that first day’s large word count has boosted me through the following two days when I haven’t felt quite up to par. I highly recommend it for the future.

The second thing that I’ve learned is that we shouldn’t ever be too hard on ourselves. Sometimes we may feel like we aren’t working as hard as we should be, when really we’re doing a lot better than we realize. So if you ever feel bad about your progress, take a moment to look back and really consider if those feelings are justified.

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