Manga^3 Episode 050 – June 3, 2013 – When the Main Characters Sucks! | Toriko Vol. 6

Topic: When the Main Characters Sucks!
Manga: Toriko Vol. 6


  1. I’m sorry, but I can’t agree with you on your topic. There are a lot of reasons to not like Naruto, but wanting to save Sasuke isn’t one of them. You can hate Sasuke all you want. I certainly do, but it doesn’t make Naruto a bad character for wanting to do so. Not saving him would not only go against the person he’s become, it would go against his main goal of becoming Hokage. If he can’t save one person he considered his friend, how can he think he can lead a whole village? Saving Sasuke fits in perfectly with his stated main goal.

    I have a lot of problems with Ichigo, but I don’t think you can blame him for his reaction-instead-of-action structure. His always having to save people is really no different than most US comic superheroes. They don’t have main goals. They are just there to react; save a person, city, country or world from some crazed super villain plot. I really don’t see a different, therefore a reason to single Ichigo out for doing the same thing. And there are plenty of manga characters who do the same thing that don’t get that condemnation. Goku of Dragon Ball comes first to mind. He didn’t have a big goal to drive him, and he spent most of his time saving people.

    1. What the? An actual comment? I’ve gotten so used to filtering spam I almost didn’t notice this one.

      See, the problem with Naruto wanting to save Sasuke is that it makes Naruto look worse by comparison. As a reader I can’t stand Sasuke and so any time he’s involved in the story it decreases my enjoyment of the story. So even if wanting to save him makes sense to Naruto’s character, as a reader it makes Naruto worse by association. Sasuke for me is like a rotten apple. His simple existence in the story makes everyone worse/makes me enjoy them less.

      I wouldn’t really say all US superheroes are just reactive. Say for example Batman, he waits for the crime and then reacts to the crime yes, but everything he does is proactively preparing to address those crimes as they come up. Ichigo in my mind is a bit of a place holder for all manga characters that don’t have goals. The thing with superhero comics is that when looked at in their entirety they aren’t telling an ongoing story. Just a lot of different stories. Manga on the other hand tries to have more of an overall connected story. In the case of Bleach everything through the Hueco Mundo arc is connected, and Ichigo isn’t really the driving force of the plot. So much time is spent relying on other characters to drive the plot when that is supposed to be the purpose of the main character.

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