Anime Reviews: Blue Exorcist Episode 22 – Demon Hunting


When Rin is woken up by Kuro, he realizes that Yukio never came back to their room. He is about to text him, only to realize that he is about to be late for class.

Plot Summary

Rin arrives outside the school building and finds that the students are waiting outside the building. Suguro, Shima, and Konekomaru tell Rin that Mephistopheles has been fired. Even more surprising, Izumi lets them know that the Vatican leaders have been removed and the Pope was replaced. 

In one of the classrooms, all of the exorcist teachers gather to meet the new Preceptor of the Japan Branch, and Mephistopheles’ replacement, Yukio Okumura. All of the teacher’s are shocked as Yukio tells them that he has also become the new Paladin, replacing Arthur Auguste Angel.


Shura goes to relay to Rin what just happened. The only thing Rin cared about was Yukio becoming Paladin. Yukio suddenly appears and tells him his appointment happened so suddenly that he hadn’t the time to tell him. Yukio tells Rin that there was one reason for him given the position of Paladin and that is to put a certain plan of the Vatican’s to action. The scene then cuts to Pope Ernst giving out a speech about killing all demons for mankind’s sake and for all exorcists to start Operation Jacob’s Ladder. After watching that, Rin is asked by Yukio if he would help him with the operation to which Rin gladly accepts.

All of the exorcists, along with the Esquires, are given demon-slaying weapons specially crafted by the Vatican. Despite the fact that they are not really exorcists yet, the Vatican has given the Esquires permission to bear arms. While this has been happening, Suguro notices a strange symbol on the weapon he is holding.

With Jacob’s Ladder started, the exorcists all move out to exterminate any demons they find. After killing the demons, their energy is absorbed by the weapons. Elsewhere, the Esquires fight alongside other exorcists against a giant snake demon. The snake is slaughtered and its energy is absorbed by the weapons. It is by then that Suguro notices something odd about the symbol on his weapon.

Somewhere in a nearby forest, Shiemi and Izumo watch how easily the demons lose. Izumo notes how one-sided this all is. Shiemi asks Rin if what they’re doing is right at all as Rin looks on at the damage. The scene cuts to Ernst asking how the operation is going. Yukio tells him that while the operation is going well, there are still others hesitant about it. Ernst tells Yukio to relay to all of the exorcists that it is a crusade and that sacrifices need to be made for the greater good.

Stop being heartless.

After leaving Ernst’s presence, Yukio thinks back to what happened before he went along with Ernst’s plan. Ernst told him that by destroying Gehenna, Rin will lose his blue flames. Yukio learns from Ernst about the Messiah, the ultimate weapon that will be used to destroy Gehenna. Though Satan is the only one that can open the Gehenna Gate, Ernst says that there is an alternative to make one by collecting lots of demonic blood. Ernst says that this is the only way to save both Rin and Yukio, telling Yukio that he knows what is going on with him.
The Esquires take a much needed break in a camp as Rin mentions his hunger. Izumo says she cannot believe he can eat after what happened. As she looks at Shiemi, who is feeling uneasy about the operation, a huge boar charges through the camp.
Yukio appears and shoots the giant boar as Rin learns the shocking truth that the boar is the guardian of the forest. Yukio finishes off the boar without blinking an eye as Rin asks if they will really kill all demons. Yukio says yes and raises his gun at Kuro as Rin stops him only to get knocked out. Yukio orders the exorcist Bourgignon to take Rin with him to the Vatican.
Yukio hasn’t seen Princess Mononoke apparently.
There to meet Yukio is Shura who examines his arm and finds he had been lying about his tests. Yukio tells her this has nothing to do with her and leaves.
Suguro calls Yoshikuni XI about the weapons they have been using. She tells him that they are blood-sucking weapons that all once belonged to a Transylvanian count and that such weapons should not be used. Seeking to find out answers, the Esquires go to ask Tsubaki-sensei about the weapons.
Rin wakes up in a dungeon cell in the lowest level of the Vatican called Cocutos. There he meets Mephisto, who he learns—through a picture-card show—once was the head of the very lab Noihaus’ wife was resurrected in. He tells Rin that he believes someone resurrected her in order to frame him and take him out of power. After his story, he transforms into a dog and leaves Rin, just before Rin and Ernst finally meet one another.
The Esquires find Tsubaki and learn from him that Rin is to be executed on the roof of the True Cross Academy. They make their way to the place but are stopped by Arthur. With Rin restrained, the operation begins as the blood from the weapons is absorbed into the center of the roof. Ernst draws out Kurikara to release his blue flames and stabs the sword into the center of the roof.
Because they hate him, Suguro.
Shura appears to stall Arthur as the Esquires and Tsubaki arrive at the location and find that the ceremony had been completed. They find Rin okay but unconscious as they and Ernst look at someone else cloaked in blue flames.
Something, that’s what.

My Opinion
There was not too much drama in here, very little action save for the slaughtering of the demons and Ernst making the Vatican into jerks. This episode was enjoyable from the beginning to the end though the after-credits of the episode makes me believe there is going to be a huge revelation coming up according to the preview episode. Since the series has already run off its course from the original manga, I’m looking forward to what episode 23 has in store for me.

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