Book Reviews: Paradise Seekers

I don’t normally do this, I haven’t really gotten into the indie book scene that much.  But I have been intrigued with the idea of selling directly the the kindle store.  I’m still a supporter of traditional publishing, but it seems like something worth trying.

That being said, a friend of mine is paving the way in our writing group by putting one of his books up to sell for the kindle and the nook.  The book is a YA novel, and priced at a more than reasonable 99 cents.  So it’s worth shilling out a little bit of money to check it out.

But since even a dollar is valuable, and I would feel remiss if I did not thoroughly explain why this is a book worth reading, I have posted my review of Paradise Seekers here for those that want to find out a bit more.

For the sake of those that find third person only reviews impersonal, stick around here to read a little bit more about why I think this book is worth your dollar.  Still go ahead and check out the examiner review for plot based reasons you should buy Paradise Seekers, but stick around here for more personal reasons you should buy it.

The main point of writing groups, besides giving feedback on writing, is to provide a social network to help each other get published.  Nathan is taking the first step out of all of us towards being published.  While publishing an ebook isn’t exactly getting a publishing contract, it’s still a way to show publishers that they will make a profit by picking up an author that has done well self publishing. 

And any member of the writing group that gets published can help other members get a foot in the door.  So keep in mind, if you help Nathan, you’ll help me.

But even if I wasn’t invested in this book’s success, I would still recommend it.  It’s one of those books that will have you guessing till the end, and when you do finally figure it out it will blow your mind!!!  See how many exclamation marks I used?  That means I’m serious.  But really, you will enjoy this book.  It mixes a little bit of mystery and a Romeo and Juliet romance, with just the right amount of the macabre. 

And it’s only a buck, so it’s affordable for everyone.

For those of you that want to actually buy the book, you can get it for the kindle here: Paradise Seekers

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