NaNoWriMo: Day 7

Well, finally got some writing done. Nowhere near enough. But at this point I’ll be satisfied with getting any writing done. It’s a start, I know I had a lot of time today, but since being sick I haven’t exactly had much motivation to do anything. But I feel a bit better now, and can face this week with more enthusiasm and focus. Expect more blog posts from me soon, to catch up to my late work.

I wrote 541 words. I know it sucks, but it’s better than nothing. I’ll be back up to my usual word count tomorrow. Need to spend some more time planning as well. I’ve got the plot more or less figured out, but don’t have an entirely concrete plan yet. I kind of work my way through that as I go. So sort of discovery writing, but not entirely. I’ve decided to let the characters do what they want in the scene, while I focus my real planning on plot events, and some character reactions.

And now, for an excerpt.

“Only if some of the Jarv survived the impact,” I said. It was true. While the Jarv didn’t believe in wasting resources, they weren’t about to risk equipment going into what was most likely a dangerous zone now with large amounts of debris floating around. Unless of course there were Jarv survivors. Say what you want about them, and I for one had little good to say about them, but they take care of their own. In my eight years of working in the asteroid fields I had on several occasions seriously considered turning into an alien cockroach. While they didn’t actually look like cockroaches, the Jarv could still survive almost anything, including being sucked into the void of space. So you could say that besides being treated with dignity there would be some other fringe benefits to that kind of transformation. Probably not what Kafka had in mind, but I guess you could say I wouldn’t have minded being one of his protagonists.

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