Anime Reviews: One Piece Episode 465 – Justice for the Winners! Sengoku’s Strategy in Action!

I just recently managed to catch up on the One Piece anime. Granted I did so by skipping the Impel Down arc, aka/ the arc that made me stop watching for a while in the first place. Not that it’s bad, I just didn’t enjoy it as much. But since it’s been a while that I’ve regularly watched One Piece I’d forgotten exactly how good this show is. I love the manga, and am generally more a manga than anime fan. But One Piece is a lot better than I remember. In fact, it manages to improve upon the emotions that Oda first put to pen. Especially in this episode. I went from bawling my eyes out, literally crying harder than I ever have for any sad scene in any movie, TV show, or anime, to busting my gut laughing by the end of the episode. Darnit Oda, stop putting me on these emotional roller coasters! I literally had tears running down my face, and it was because of a character that has only been around for one other episode than this one! I had more tears running down my face than any of the characters ever have!

This was me, but with less dignity.

So yeah, One Piece makes me cry and laugh at the same time. Go figure.

I’m considering starting doing weekly reviews for One Piece, though with how behind I’m on my Fairy Tail reviews, I think it might still be a while before I do so. If I don’t do weekly reviews, then you can at least expect a few more detailed reviews of the FUNimation DVD sets. But I’m pretty sure I’ll start doing weekly reviews. I know this one doesn’t look like much, but that’s mostly because I just felt like pointing out how this episode made me sob like a baby. It’s not the start of the reviews, mainly because by the time I’d get around to starting this set of reviews I’d be so far behind I’d once again be struggling to catch up. So for the sake of not making this any more difficult than necessary I won’t start weekly reviews of the One Piece anime until I’m certain that I can keep on top of my already existing Fairy Tail reviews. By then I’ll most likely be doing Bakuman weekly as well, mostly because I want to have a complete set of reviews for that series starting with the first episode. So if I start doing One Piece I’d have three series. Not to mention Beelzebub when that one starts.

Maybe I should consider just enjoying some of these series instead of trying to write reviews for each and every one of them? I’m not even sure where I’m leaving myself time for book reviews and manga reviews. I’ve already mostly dropped reviewing Graphic Novels. Oh well, eventually I’ll start zeroing in on a specific genre to review. Though if I can find a way to streamline the reviewing process, I could easily handle several series. I just need to start forcing myself into a schedule, something I have to confess I suck at.

Sorry this review doesn’t look as nice as my more recent anime reviews. It’s more just a blurb on my part, I promise that when I do start reviewing One Piece (if I start, I’m tempted to just watch this one for the enjoyment of it) it will look much nicer.

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  1. I personally review anime in chunks, rather than every single episode. Usually something like half a season at a time. I suppose this wouldn't apply as well to fighter shounens like One Piece, which have 800 episodes, but maybe a review of a month's worth of eps would be more manageable?
    I'd also consider having a link in your sidebar that goes to a page with all the reviews for each series listed, just to make it easy for fans to find all the reviews for a specific show.

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